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Visual insection is typically a prelude to furthure testing but is also offered as a stand alone service. A vital part of any quality test procedure. At NFW Inspection Co Ltd visual inspection is always carried out by a highly skilled and qualified technician who are able to Identify issues with a high degree of accuracy.


Our UKAS accreditation ensures our clients the very highest degree of visual inspection.

Carried out by our highly skilled technicians and internally audited ensures our reputation for excellence is maintained.

Everyone at NFW Inspection Co Ltd fully understands the importance of visual inspection as feature of NDT often overlooked by others.


Visual inspection is a common method of quality control, data acquisition, and data analysis. Visual Inspection, used in maintenance of facilities, mean inspection of equipment and structures using either or all of raw human senses such as vision, hearing, touch and smell and/or any non-specialized inspection equipment. Inspections requiring Ultrasonic, X-Ray equipment, Infra-red, etc. are not typically regarded as Visual Inspection as these Inspection methodologies require specialized equipment, training and certification.